Wiping Wood Stain

Price: $26.00$51.75

Semi-transparent, pigment based stain. Non-grain raising, fade resistant. Easy stir, non-settling formula. Only 30 minutes drying time is needed before a lacquer sealer coat can be sprayed. Apply by spray, brush or cloth. Pigmented Wiping Stains are easier to control because there’s less lapping. An ideal uniforming stain when applied over dye stains prior to sealing. A dark color tone is easily lightened with Wood Stain Reducer, Toluol, or Lacquer Thinner.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
Qty Product name Price Item Number UOM Color
   $26.00 M240-4156 EA
   $51.75 M240-4117 EA
   $26.00 M240-4116 EA
   $51.75 M240-4087 EA
   $26.00 M240-4086 EA
   $51.75 M240-3597 EA
   $26.00 M240-3596 EA
   $51.75 M240-2737 EA
   $26.00 M240-2736 EA
   $51.75 M240-2497 EA
   $26.00 M240-2496 EA
   $51.75 M240-2467 EA
   $26.00 M240-2466 EA
   $51.75 M240-2407 EA
   $26.00 M240-2406 EA
   $51.75 M240-2367 EA
   $26.00 M240-2366 EA
   $51.75 M240-2347 EA
   $26.00 M240-2346 EA
   $51.75 M240-2297 EA
   $26.00 M240-2296 EA
   $51.75 M240-2277 EA
   $26.00 M240-2276 EA
   $51.75 M240-2247 EA
   $26.00 M240-2246 EA
   $51.75 M240-2207 EA
   $26.00 M240-2206 EA
   $51.75 M240-2097 EA
   $26.00 M240-2096 EA
   $51.75 M240-2077 EA
   $26.00 M240-2076 EA
   $51.75 M240-2027 EA
   $26.00 M240-2026 EA
   $51.75 M240-1607 EA
   $26.00 M240-1606 EA
   $51.75 M240-15227 EA
   $26.00 M240-15226 EA
   $51.75 M240-14787 EA
   $26.00 M240-14786 EA
   $51.75 M240-14357 EA
   $26.00 M240-14356 EA
   $51.75 M240-02057 EA
   $26.00 M240-02056 EA
   $51.75 M240-01437 EA
   $26.00 M240-01436 EA
   $51.75 M240-0027 EA
   $26.00 M240-0026 EA