Price: $2.85$2.94

The PlaneStick burn-in stick is a dynamic new version of the old, conventional burn-in stick. This is the first truly new and exciting innovation in the touch up industry in many years. The PlaneStick burn-in stick offers a number of advantages including:

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Qty Product name Price Item Number UOM Color
   $2.85 M350-2055 EA
   $2.85 M350-2052 EA
   $2.85 M350-2000 EA
   $2.85 M350-1521 EA
   $2.85 M350-1516 EA
   $2.85 M350-1506 EA
   $2.85 M350-0505 EA
   $2.85 M350-0504 EA
   $2.85 M350-0415 EA
   $2.85 M350-0412 EA
   $2.85 M350-0408 EA
   $2.85 M350-0406 EA
   $2.85 M350-0402 EA
   $2.85 M350-0401 EA
   $2.85 M350-0314 EA
   $2.85 M350-0306 EA
   $2.85 M350-0305 EA
   $2.85 M350-0303 EA
   $2.85 M350-0300 EA
   $2.94 M350-0285 EA
   $2.94 M350-0275 EA
   $2.94 M350-0243 EA
   $2.94 M350-0240 EA
   $2.94 M350-0234 EA
   $2.94 M350-0229 EA
   $2.94 M350-0227 EA
   $2.94 M350-0226 EA
   $2.94 M350-0224 EA
   $2.94 M350-0222 EA
   $2.94 M350-0209 EA
   $2.94 M350-0208 EA
   $2.94 M350-0206 EA
   $2.94 M350-0205 EA
   $2.94 M350-0202 EA
   $2.94 M350-0156 EA
   $2.94 M350-0115 EA
   $2.94 M350-0006 EA
   $2.94 M350-0005 EA
   $2.94 M350-0004 EA