Patchal Putty

Price: $7.98$195.00

Patchal Putty is simply the best finish putty that you will ever use. Patchal Putty is designed to be used on finished wood to fill nail holes, miter joints and cabinet seams. This putty is great for picture frames, trim and molding.
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Qty Product name Price Item Number UOM Color
   $7.98 M734-0599 EA
   $7.98 M734-0024 EA
   $7.98 M734-0023 EA
   $7.98 M734-0022 EA
   $7.98 M734-0021 EA
   $7.98 M734-0020 EA
   $7.98 M734-0019 EA
   $7.98 M734-0018 EA
   $7.98 M734-0017 EA
   $7.98 M734-0016 EA
   $7.98 M734-0015 EA
   $7.98 M734-0014 EA
   $7.98 M734-0013 EA
   $7.98 M734-0011 EA
   $7.98 M734-0010 EA
   $7.98 M734-0009 EA
   $7.98 M734-0008 EA
   $7.98 M734-0007 EA
   $7.98 M734-0005 EA
   $7.98 M734-0004 EA
   $7.98 M734-0003 EA
   $7.98 M734-0002 EA
   $7.98 M734-0001 EA
   $195.00 M734-2400 EA View