Hard Fill Plus

Price: $3.90$99.90

Hard Fill Plus is designed to be used when you need a higher melting point or more durability.The Hard Fill Leveling Tool is used to level and scrape Hard Fill and Hard Fill Plus sticks.The Scraper Only is a replacement scraper for the Hard Fill Leveling Tool.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
Qty Product name Price Item Number UOM Color
   $5.44 M311-9835 EA
   $5.44 M311-8618 EA
   $5.44 M311-7635 EA
   $5.44 M311-4071 EA
   $5.44 M311-4054 EA
   $5.44 M311-4035 EA
   $5.44 M311-4006 EA
   $99.90 M311-2000 EA View
   $50.51 M311-1002 EA View
   $50.89 M311-1001 EA View
   $5.44 M311-0902 EA
   $5.44 M311-0901 EA
   $5.44 M311-0401 EA
   $5.44 M311-0366 EA
   $5.44 M311-0340 EA
   $5.44 M311-0331 EA
   $5.44 M311-0303 EA
   $5.44 M311-0224 EA
   $5.44 M311-0209 EA
   $5.44 M311-0202 EA
   $5.44 M311-0019 EA
   $5.44 M311-0017 EA
   $5.44 M311-0000 EA
   $15.95 M999-9990
   $3.90 M999-9992
   $15.95 M999-9995