Blendal Powder Stain

Price: $10.99$125.00

Extra fine ground touch-up pigment colors used for spot color replacement on all types of furniture, cabinets, plastics, leather, vinyl and in hundreds of other finishing applications. Best results are obtained when applied with LACOVER padding finish.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Qty Product name Price Item Number UOM Color
   $10.99 M370-4131 EA
   $10.99 M370-4141 EA
   $10.99 M370-4151 EA
   $10.99 M370-4761 EA
   $10.99 M370-4771 EA
   $10.99 M370-83701 EA
   $49.90 M370-83705 EA
   $10.99 M370-2421 EA
   $10.99 M370-2381 EA
   $49.90 M370-2345 EA
   $10.99 M370-2341 EA
   $10.99 M370-2331 EA
   $10.99 M370-2291 EA
   $10.99 M370-2271 EA
   $10.99 M370-2251 EA
   $49.90 M370-2245 EA
   $10.99 M370-2241 EA
   $49.90 M370-2225 EA
   $10.99 M370-2221 EA
   $49.90 M370-2095 EA
   $10.99 M370-2091 EA
   $10.99 M370-2071 EA
   $10.99 M370-2061 EA
   $10.99 M370-2031 EA
   $49.90 M370-2025 EA
   $10.99 M370-2021 EA
   $49.90 M370-15165 EA
   $10.99 M370-15161 EA
   $49.90 M370-14785 EA
   $10.99 M370-14781 EA
   $49.90 M370-14355 EA
   $10.99 M370-14351 EA
   $125.00 M370-1200 EA
   $49.90 M370-01435 EA
   $10.99 M370-01431 EA